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Meet 21-Year-Old Golf Prodigy Mariah Stackhouse

Meet Golf Prodigy Mariah Stackhouse Aussie Kids
This Girl is on Fire!

When you think golf champion, most likely the first name that comes to mind is Jordan Spieth, but that may change once Mariah Stackhouse hits the tour. As a member of the Stanford University golf team, she has been one of the most exciting players to watch and an inspiration to all girls who love the game of golf.

Much like Tiger Woods, Mariah got her start early as she tagged along to the course with her dad, Ken. By the time she was six she was competing, and at just fourteen years old, she competed in the Georgia Women’s Amateur Championship and won, making her the youngest winner ever.

Her golf career is more than impressive and it looks as though that will continue. In May, miss Stackhouse and her Stanford team had an impressive comeback win over the Baylor team by winning the Women’s NCAA title. It was the first time Stanford had won the event.

Mariah is an impressive player, no doubt, but that’s not all she is. Mariah Stackhouse is also a great role model. Although she could be playing golf professionally now, she has decided to finish her education first. She has said that her parents have always told her that she needs to plan for life after golf. Not that she will need to, but she has taken that advice to heart.

After graduation, she’ll start her professional career, but at Stanford she is a communications major with hopes to have a career in broadcast journalism in the future. For now, her main focus is to play golf with the best women in the world.

With her skill, dedication, and attitude, we know she will bring a lot of excitement to women’s golf and inspire young girls all over the world to play this great game.

Master’s Champion Jordan Spieth

Master's Champion Jordan Spieth aussie kidsThe golf world has a new hero. At just 21 years old, Master’s Champion Jordan Spieth is the second youngest winner of this prestigious tournament and expected to give the sport another big boost with younger players.We agree and couldn’t be happier that he represents the great game of golf and has sparked an interest in younger players. Yes, he is a champion, but more importantly, he’s a really nice guy. He grew up in Texas and has two younger siblings, brother Steven and sister Ellie, who has special needs. Jordan says she teaches him humility everyday.


Jordan Spieth is more mature than his years and has said that his parents taught him at an early age to set goals for himself and work hard to reach them. A very good lesson for all of us, whether you play golf or not.


As a high school student, Jordan was the type of kid who was nice to everyone and was always willing to help, wherever it was needed, including helping to clean the cafeteria. He was a good student and worked hard at everything he did.


As he moved up as an amateur golfer, he had great concentration, an easy going manner and a comfortable presence that he attributes to how his parents raised him.


Now, with his foundation, The Jordan Spieth Family Foundation, he is bringing attention to three issues he’s passionate about. The main purpose of his foundation is to find better educational solutions for younger people with special needs. He says that his sister Ellie has been one of his greatest sources of support and has kept him grounded.


Junior golf was a big part of Jordan’s life and he wants to give all kids the opportunity to be a part of the game. He understands that golf is a way for kids to gain confidence, earn scholarships for college and give them life tools that will help them succeed in whatever they choose to do.


As part of the PGA tour, Jordan has had the opportunity to meet many military families and wants to highlight the need to promote military initiatives that provide support once veterans return home.


Masters Champion Jordan Spieth is an amazing golfer and as you can see, a very grounded guy who doesn’t seem to notice his success, but he is also inspiring young golfers all over the world to set their own goals and work hard to reach them. Golf couldn’t have a better representative than this truly humble, very friendly, 2015 Master’s Champion.