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2017 Full Day, Half Day Summer Golf Camps in Atlanta

2017 Golf Half Day Full Day Summer Camp AtlantaIf you have a child between the ages of 4 and 17 who loves golf, come to Aussie Kids. We have the best 2017 Full Day and Half Day summer golf camp in Atlanta. Attending camp is always a lot of fun for children of all ages, but it also gives them the chance to learn vital skills. We are going to explore some of the benefits that Aussie Kids has to offer so that you can make the choice that makes the most sense for your family.

About Aussie Kids

Parents who have been searching for the perfect summer camp are amazed when they learn about our facility and the activities that we host. To help each child have the best possible experience, we have six hitting bays, high-tech swing analysis software and golf simulators. Using our swing analyzer will help your kid improve his or her swing and to take their skills to a new level. Since we have talented coaches who are passionate about helping kids succeed, your child will always have access to quality mentors. You will know that your child is in good hands when you visits us, and your kid will thank you for choosing one of the top summer camps in Atlanta.

Benefits of Going to Camp

The skills that your child will learn at Aussie Kids will last a lifetime, and she will never forget the experience. Being around peers who share the same passions will enable any child to build social skills, to meet new friends and to form bonds. Because our activities are on a schedule, your child will learn the importance of managing time and remaining committed to goals. Since our team understands the value of self-esteem, we help children learn to value themselves and to maintain a positive state of mind, which will work wonders for building their confidence. If you want the best for your kid, then you won’t be disappointed when you turn to us this summer.

Our Programs

At this point, parents usually ask us about the programs we offer, and they want to know what time they can drop off and pick up their child. We are aware that people have busy lives, so we offer flexible schedules that can work for almost anyone. Your child is welcome to join us for a half-day or full-day camp that will offer a range of games, contests and prizes.

Final Thoughts

Increased talent, boosted self-esteem and fond memories are the things your child will bring back from our camp. Our No. 1 goal is to create an environment that allows children to grow and to push themselves beyond their comfort zones at their own pace. If you have any questions, we invite you to give us a call right away.

2017 Half Day Full Day Golf Summer Camp Atlanta

Golf Summer Camps for Girls

golf-summer-camps-for-girls-in-atlantaAre you thinking about a great summer camp in Altanta that’s perfect for girls? For lots of kids, experiencing great summer camps can impact them for the rest of their lives. This is especially true for girls. You may feel unsure about whether or not a golf camp program is the best way for your daughter to spend her summer, but rest assured that this experience can help to shape her into the strong, independent woman you want her to be.

Playing golf and golfing at an early age will be very beneficial to girls when they grow up. Learning golf teaches kids things like how to be social in a public setting, how to interact with people, and how to get along with others. Golf has rules, etiquette, and processes in the same way life does when you grow up. Also, in golf the physically strongest person is not necessarily better at golf. In fact, many of our girls play better golf than same age boys!
So here is why golf summer camp is great for girls:

Anyone can play. Anyone with any body type and at any age can play – one doesn’t have to be lean, strong, or fast to play golf. Golf champions come in all shapes and sizes. Unlike most other sports, you can enjoy golf your entire life and it’s never too early to start!

Golf is a noncontact sport. The chances of injury are very minimal. Also, golf is a sport that requires patience, strategy and other mental skills in addition to ability.

Safe and Positive Environment: The golf course is a safe place and facilitates relationship development in a beautiful setting.

Lifelong Friendships: A golf course is a great place to make friends because golf is played in small groups, and the environment is peaceful and quiet so kids are able to talk to each other for longer periods of time, versus a sport like soccer or swim.

Prepare for Business: This is particularly important for girls who are not as often encouraged to be prepared for business life. Golf is a sport that helps prepare kids and teens for careers in business and other professional arenas.

Spend Time Outdoors: Golf is the perfect excuse to spend an entire day enjoying nature and presents the opportunity to develop healthy, lifelong exercise habits!

Important Life Lessons: Golf is a game where learning how to conduct oneself on the course is imperative. Golf also parallels real life. You have good shots and bad ones, but you have to keep focus and keep positive. Golf requires powerful shots, but also precise short ones. Golf requires patience, integrity, discipline and respect. Golf lessons translate to life.

Scholarships: Girls that play golf can also benefit greatly from higher education scholarships that very often go unclaimed for women. Read more about golf scholarships for girls in our blog.

Family Time: Golf is a game can be played by the entire family. On the golf course we see mothers and daughters, brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters, all playing, bonding. Golf is an opportunity for quality time, and it’s one that can last a lifetime.

FUN: One of the best reasons to get your daughter, involved with golf is that she’ll have a blast!

There are many choices during summer for camps for girls, but only a few make a real impact.

Try golf summer camp for girls at Aussie Kids!

At Aussie Kids, we have full-day and half-day summer camps. We have an amazing indoor facility where the kids will learn their skills, and we also have time on course. Call us to find out more! Hurry, spaces fill up quickly.

The Many Benefits of Playing Golf

The Many Benefits of Playing Golf AussieIf you’d like to help you child build some character while having fun, there is no better way than playing golf. As we rev up once again for another school year, you may be thinking about what type of after school program your child may enjoy. If you’re considering golf, you are going to be thrilled with the benefits of having your kids play the game.


Golf, like most sports, is a fun activity that kids can play while:


  • Making new friends
  • Improving their skills
  • Feeling like part of a team
  • Building confidence


The lessons that will be instilled in kids who play golf will be beneficial for a lifetime. As anyone who plays the game can attest to, golf, unlike most sports, can be a played throughout life which makes it uniquely gratifying.


Why Kids Should Play Golf


The lessons they will learn playing golf are valuable in the real world. They will learn that:


  • Hard work does pay off.
  • Dedication is something to be proud of.
  • Practicing is necessary when you want to see improvement in your game.
  • Honesty and self respect go hand in hand.
  • Challenging yourself teaches you not to give up.


The best part is that these skills are all transferable to real life situations like family, friendships, school and career. Teaching kids golf has another benefit as well. No matter how young your child is, golf is something that families can enjoy together. With technology  seemingly taking over our kids lives, golf is an opportunity to unplug and get outside. The walking alone offers opportunities for exercise and time to talk, and the bonding that takes place will never be forgotten.


After school programs can introduce them to a new world of fun, friendship and a social life that doesn’t include technology like social media and video games, all while teaching them valuable life lessons, without them even realizing it. No matter how old or young your child is, now is a great time to introduce them to the great game of golf.



The Many Benefits of Having Kids Play Golf

The Many Benefits of Having Kids Play Golf Aussie KidsIf you have thought about getting your child involved in the game of golf you’re not alone. These days we are seeing kids younger and younger on the course, and some of them are pretty darn good.


Just last month we saw fifteen year old Cole Hammer get a shot at the The US Open, playing along side golf greats Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson and Jordan Spieth, the twenty one year old who won this amazing event by one stroke. Cole didn’t end up making the cut, but what an exciting opportunity for this kid.



The reality is that playing golf offers so many benefits that go beyond playing a game. The amazing thing is these benefits will not just help them on the course, but help them with all the experiences they will have throughout life.



So, what are these great benefits?


First of all, they will learn life skills like mental focus and discipline. In order to continually improve, you have to get out and practice. There are a lot of different skills they will need in order to be a good golfer. They will need to work on their swing, putting, driving, chipping and a list of other skills. Having the discipline to work on something over and over takes work and dedication.


They will learn that healthy habits are very beneficial. On the course they will be outdoors enjoying fresh air and all types of weather, but they will also walk a lot, up to five miles is pretty standard. They will be getting some physical exercise, but many golfer say that their game improved even more once they included weight training and healthy eating into the mix.


Good manners are a must on the golf course. Along with learning the rules of golf, they will also learn about golf etiquette. Some of those rules include taking good care of the course you’re playing on, keeping your temper under control, being honest, respecting others time, turning off the sound on cell phones, dressing appropriately, and continuing to learn. Of course their are others, but the bottom line is that good manners do count.


They will learn social skills. Getting your kids involved in playing golf allows them to find others that enjoy the same thing. It facilitates bonding, friendship and most importantly, fun.


Golf is a game that offers a lot of fun for kids all while they learn valuable life skills, without even realizing it. So if you have been thinking that it might be a good idea to get your kids into a golf program, the answer is a big yes. They will love it!

Tips For Keeping Young Golfers Safe In The Sun

Tips For Keeping Young Golfers Safe In The Sun Aussie kidsYoung golfers are taking the world by storm and although it’s great for the sport, making sure they have sufficient sun protection can be an issue that can cost them dearly. Skin cancer is on the rise so getting educated is vital, especially for people who spend most of their time outdoors.


Fortunately, there have been some pretty amazing new sunscreens and other products that are available with the goal of keeping sun worshipers safe in the sun. Here are the top ten tips to stay safe while out on the golf course.


Always wear sunscreen. No matter what time of day you’re out, you are at risk when in the sun. Making sure you are fully covered is vital in staying protected.


Head out early. The sun’s rays are strongest between noon and two PM so going out early means that you can get in 18 holes before the UV rays are strongest.


Although the sun is hot, the UV rays is where the danger lies.


Choose appropriate clothing. Wearing hats, long sleeves, sun glasses and specialty clothing that protects you from UV rays is always a good idea.


Reapply sunscreen every nine holes to be sure you’re well protected all day.


Make sure your sunscreen has coverage for both UVA and UVB protection. Choosing a broad spectrum sunscreen will give you the most protection against dangerous ultraviolet light.


Understand the power of the sun. Golf courses have sand and water and the sun and UV rays can bounce off those surfaces and cause skin damage.


The summertime is an amazing time to be outdoors but staying safe on the golf course is vital in order to stay healthy. Choosing the right sunscreen is your number one defence against skin cancer but knowing other ways to protect yourself will ensure you can enjoy the great outdoors safely.

Golf Tips For Kids

Golf Tips For Kids Aussie KidsIf you love the game of golf, most likely, you’ll want to pass your love of the game on to your kids. So if you are planning on taking your kids out to teach them how to play, there are a few things to remember.

First of all, how you teach them will depend on their age. For smaller kids, it’s important to let them just get a feel for their club and have fun. Although you probably want them to learn the correct way, when kids are young, they won’t care about that, and getting forceful with them will most likely turn them off to playing because it’s not fun. It’s best to make sure that playing is fun and as they become ready, teach them about the game little by little.


For older kids, you want to teach them correctly but remember to focus on one or two skills at a time because if they become overwhelmed and frustrated they will lose interest and that would be a real shame.


Here are five tips on how to teach kids how to play golf.


  • Make it fun. If kids are having fun, they will want to learn more and more. Incorporating games that teach a skill is a great way to teach them, and the best part is that they are enjoying it so much they don’t realize they are learning.


  • Start with putting. Putting is such a vital part of scoring and also a pretty simple stroke. Kids of every age can usually find success and that keeps them excited and motivated to continue.


  • Putt from various distances. Like playing horse in basketball teaches us to shoot from around the court, putting from different distances teaches them to have precision. You can make a game out of it and have them putt from 1 foot out, then 3 feet out and then maybe 6 feet out etc.


  • Add additional strokes and teach lessons on form. As they start to master one stroke, incorporate other strokes from easy to more difficult over time. As they become more comfortable, they will gain confidence and want to do better. Start to focus on how to hold clubs, the correct form for taking shots and the rules of the game.


  • Take time for teachable moments. It’s important to learn to do things correctly. Learning about the rules, keeping score and learning about golf etiquette are vital. It won’t help them if you tell them they doing great when they’re not. It’s important to be honest about how they can improve.


As a parent, it can be difficult to teach your own kids to play. They will sense it when you become frustrated or angry and will not want to continue. If you want your kids to enjoy golf as much as you do, getting them in golf lessons for their age group is a great introduction. They will learn from professionals who have experience teaching kids and your kids will learn how to play while meeting other kids who love the game. It’s a win-win for everyone.


When To Start Golf Lessons For Your Child


If you love the game of golf, you may be eager to pass on that love of the game to your child. After all, some dad’s have been know to buy their child a set of clubs before they can walk, and others think it’s best to wait until their kids are older. So when is the right time to start your child playing golf? 


According to John Elliott Jr., one of Golf Digest’s 50 Best Teachers, a great time to start lessons is when they can catch a baseball. He explains that once they have that eye hand coordination they are ready to learn. He also explains that the key in passing on the love of the game is making it fun from beginning to end. If they feel like it’s work, or are stressed out, you can bet that they will drop it and never look back.


What is the best way to get started? There are a few thoughts on this. Some instructors say that just getting out there is a good way to go and others think that discussing the rules and principals of the game should come first. Of course, it really depends on the kids age. If they are too young, they won’t understand the principals at first but will learn them as they play, but for older kids, learning the principals right away is an important part of the game.


By principals, we mean the etiquette and rules of golf, which focuses on the honor of the game throughout history. As a player, you must self police so honesty is vital. It’s actually a lot like how you live life. Golf teaches kids to be respectful of others, follow the rules and have high moral standards. The great thing is that once you adopt this way of living, it stays with you throughout your life.

Teaching kids to play is easy:


  • Make sure they want to play
  • Make it fun
  • Find a school or instructor that works with kids
  • Dress them appropriately
  • Teach the principals
  • Manage expectations
  • Did we say, make it fun?

When To Start Golf Lessons For Your Child



Golf is a great game that can grow with you so starting early is a great idea if your child shows interest. Remember, whatever your childs age, kids want to have fun, so making sure they do is the key to a love of the game.  

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