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Reasons Why Your Child Should Be Playing After School Sports


kids-participating-in-after-school-sports-programMany parents are reluctant to allow their children to participate in after-school sports and other physical activities because of concerns about injuries and the child’s self-esteem. Some parents worry that their children will encounter overly competitive teammates and coaches.
While these are natural parental concerns when a child initially enters the sports world, experts agree that the benefits of sports far exceed any potential risks.

Fitness Recommendations

Because this generation of children spends more time indoors than any previous generation, the nation is currently experiencing its worst childhood obesity epidemic. This crisis has prompted the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports to recommend that children exercise for at least 60 minutes every day. Extensive research confirms that participation in sports reduces the risk for obesity and other serious issues like juvenile delinquency.


Improves Overall Health

A study entitled “Relationships Between Youth Sport Participation and Selected Health Risk Behaviors from 1999 to 2007” demonstrated that sports improve a child’s academic performance, self-esteem and social competence. Sports participation bolstered the children’s ability to solve problems and maintain normal weight. It also enhanced physical coordination and strengthened muscles and bones.

This Journal of School Health article and other published studies demonstrate that children enrolled in sports programs have a lower risk for dropping out of school, teen pregnancies and juvenile arrests.


Relieves Stress

According to the American Psychological Association, the benefits of exercise transcend physical fitness. Exercise releases natural substances like dopamine and serotonin that improve your child’s sense of well-being. Playing sports with friends is a fun way to alleviate stress associated with academic pressures.


Promotes Healthy Competition

Sports education teaches children how to deal with issues like competition that they will encounter throughout their academic, personal and professional lives. Children learn how to compete and succeed by giving their best effort during friendly competition.


Boosts Self-Confidence

Accomplishing important objectives in sports builds a child’s self-esteem. The competitive nature of sports places children in challenging situations that require ingenuity and perseverance.


Encourages Sportsmanship and Teamwork

Playing team sports teaches children how to share the responsibility and credit for the group’s performance. It also helps children learn how to be courteous whether they win or lose. Children experience positive emotions when teammates celebrate important milestones and victories.


Cultivates Lifelong Relationships

Many lifelong friendships begin during youth sports. The social skills that children develop in sports provide a solid foundation for building relationships throughout their lives.


Teaches Children How to Manage Pressure

Becoming an athlete requires a child to perform tough tasks under difficult circumstances. Playing sports helps children learn how to stay focused while dealing with pressure.

Few things in life compare to the thrill of being on a championship team, hitting a home run or scoring the winning goal. Your child can experience the rewards of sports in one of our golf camps. Beyond improving physical fitness, children socialize and work with others. Aussie Kids Atlanta provides a safe environment for children to develop essential life skills that they will use throughout life.

Summer Camps for Kids in Atlanta at Buckhead & Johns Creek

The Best Summer Camp in Atlanta!

altanta summer camps for kids -1 golfFor kids, summer is a time for no school and no responsibility. For parents, summer is a time of added stress and added work. In order to make things easier for everyone this summer, it might be time to try something new with Aussie Kids Golf Academy.


Located in Atlanta, Aussie Kids Golf Academy is an inclusive experience that is accessible for players of all levels. Whether your child is a golf novice or an experienced player, this golf summer camp can provide an engaging and challenging summertime escape. The instruction is designed to meet students where they are at, working with new players to establish basic golf skills and focusing on refined skills for more advanced players who want to reduce their handicap.


Camp options range throughout the summer with weekly enrollment available. Children can enroll Monday through Thursday for either the morning or afternoon. Either option is three hours in length, ensuring prolonged and meaningful golf experiences that afford the best instruction for quality training. For those who want an even more comprehensive golf experience, all day camp options are also available.


Some parents may be hesitant to consider golf as a summertime activity. After all, golf is not known as the most active sport, and many children want to run around during the summer. However, Aussie Kids Golf Academy is a different experience that challenges the child’s mind and body for maximum engagement. In fact, many parents are surprised to find just how well their active children respond to golf. Running around too much may only fuel more hyperactive behavior, but a sport like golf that requires precision and thought can help children harness their energy and direct it toward a positive goal. For some children, golf is the perfect, calming activity to make the summer a less chaotic experience.


That is why Aussie Kids Golf Academy is designed to get the best out of your child physically and mentally. All children enrolled in the camp are encouraged to be active, and participation is not considered optional for any child present. Every child will be actively developing their skills, honing their perception, strength, fine motor movements and more. This way, children are not only learning how to control their bodies, but they are working on keeping their minds active, which can be difficult to do during summer break.


With all these advantages, it can be easy to overlook the fact that Aussie Kids Golf Academy also helps improve your child’s golf game. Since this is an inclusive camp, instruction is geared to nurture kids at all ability levels. Instructors will help new players learn the basic skills needed to approach golf, giving these children the interest and ability to start their golf journey. However, for kids with more experience, attention shifts toward refinement, helping players find areas to improve and providing targeted instruction to become a better player on the green.


All of this is possible at an expansive golf training center. These facilities boast 9,000 square feet and offer all the modern amenities to ensure that children have the best resources available to them during their camp week. Since the center is indoors, children will be well protected from too much sunlight exposure, ensuring that the experience is safe and comfortable for each child involved. We now have two locations in the Metro Atlanta area: Buckhead and Johns Creek. These two locations make it easy for parents to find a facility close to them.


Registration is now available for summer sessions. Look at the options, and let golf be the hole in one you and your kids need this summer.

Aussie Kids – Johns Creek Youth Sports – After School Golf



We are excited to announce that we are opening a second Aussie Kids Golf Academy near Johns Creek, GA. At the new facility, children will learn to love the game of golf through professional and fun teaching techniques. The school’s instructors provide knowledgeable guidance and are passionate about teaching golf to children.


Along with supplying excellent golf instruction, the new academy will focus its teaching methods on building a child’s self-esteem and confidence. After school programs and camps will provide unlimited opportunities for your kids to develop a great athletic foundation while they have fun building friendships and character.


Ages Three to Five . If you have a child who is three to five years old, then enroll him or her into our Johns Creek school to learn the fundamentals of golf. During the program, kids develop their motor skills and learn how to focus mentally. To ensure that your child is engaged in the academy’s golf programs, the school’s officials hire instructors who have childhood education training.


Ages Five to Seven. The Johns Creek golf academy will focus on improving the hand and eye coordination of children who are within the ages of five to seven. This afterschool program is also designed to expand each child’s social development and mental focus. Instructors teach using a system that becomes progressively more complex. In addition, the school’s golf instructors specialize the program according to each child’s abilities. This training technique ensures that young golfers reach the next level at the proper time.


Ages Eight and Up. Once enrolled in the Johns Creek golf academy’s afterschool program, youth ages eight and up will train to develop their stability, balance and more. The program will increase your child’s social circle. It is also designed to help your child improve his or her ability to focus on one task. By attending the school, your child will have the chance to foster exciting skills that will surely lift his or her self-confidence.


Additional Program Features

While enrolled in our Johns Creek Aussie Kids Golf program, your child will learn about the importance of diet and nutrition along with fundamental movement skills. Qualified instructors will teach him or her the proper way to use golf equipment and how to play on an official course. You can register for the academy’s afterschool programs online, or you can stop by to see the Johns Creek facility firsthand.


Building Confidence through Golf 

The Johns Creek academy will help your child increase his or her mental focus and physical abilities. When you send your child to the Aussie Kids Golf Academy, he or she will gain an appreciation for a tough sport, make new friends and acquire unique skills.

After School Spring Golf for Kids in Atlanta

IMG_0052It’s almost time for Aussie Kids After School Spring Golf Training! If you’re thinking about enrolling your child in a new after school sports program, it’s the perfect time to get started. Aussie Kids is the best place in Atlanta for young people of all ages to learn golf. Your son or daughter can learn to love golf in a safe, controlled environment in our huge, state-of-the-art facilities.

After school sports programs like our golf program have so many benefits! Learning a new skill can be challenging for kids, but the gratification they feel as they improve doesn’t just feel great in the moment. It also teaches them the importance of persistence and hard work. Their confidence will grow along with their new skills. They get a chance to make new friends and socialize outside of school. And, of course, they come to see the benefits of getting out of the house and moving around, instead of staying in and sitting in front of the TV, video games or the computer or the rest of the day!

There are also special reasons why golf training is great sport for young kids. Golf is a game that requires great concentration and teaches your mind and your body to work together, sometimes in subtle ways. And, more so than with some other common sports, when kids learn how to golf, they pick up a hobby they’ll be able to use for the rest of their lives. After all, lots of people keep playing golf well into old age—something that’s usually not true about football or soccer. On a related note, golf has been proven to have major health benefits: a 2008 study conducted by a major medical university in Sweden found that playing golf can add up to five years to your life expectancy.

Most important of all for the kids themselves, golf is a lot of fun! Our expert coaches know how to instill a love for the game even in young toddlers. So if you’re looking for a new activity for your kids to participate in after school in the new year, get in touch with us and enroll today. The Aussie Kids afterschool program is a great alternative to leaving your children alone or hiring someone to watch them while you’re at work.

To get a better idea of what we can do for your child, check out some our success stories.

Tips For Choosing The Right After School Program


kids-having-fun-in-after-school-sportsWhen it comes choosing an after school program for your kids, there are a lot of things to consider, but first and foremost, you want to make sure that whatever they do is fun for them. After all, that’s what it’s about. But how do you decide what your child will enjoy? It can be as simple as just asking them, but if they aren’t sure, it helps to focus on where they are showing some interest. Do they like being outside running around? Are they talking about a sport or activity or watching one on television or YouTube? Do they enjoy being with other kids or would they rather spend time alone?


Many kids show an interest in a sport or activity that seems like a natural fit from a young age, but if your child hasn’t, exposing them to several options can help. Sometimes going to a live game or tournament can spark an interest but even watching one on TV may help. The key is to look for signs of excitement or enthusiasm.

When considering an after school program, most parents think of team sports like soccer or football, but not all kids are a good fit for those types of sports. Other activities like dance, art, karate or golf may be better suited for kids who would rather focus on their own skills.

The reality is that sometimes trying something is the only way to know if it’s an activity your child will enjoy long term, and that’s okay.

Here are a few tips to consider when deciding on an after school program.

1. Is your child excited to start? If they are dreading it or it feels like it’s a chore, they probably won’t enjoy it.

2. Are beginners welcome? Starting in a sport or activity where the skill level is too high won’t allow your child to be successful when they are starting. That can be pretty tough on anyone.

3. Consider the coach or instructor. You want your child to benefit from the activity and have fun and the staff plays a huge role in whether that will happen.

4. Think about risks. Injuries may result in playing contact sports like football so taking your child’s size and personality into consideration is an important factor in that decision.

5. Be supportive. If your child is trying something new, it may take some time to see improvement. If they are enjoying it, give them whatever time they need. Not every kid will be the best, but that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy themselves and benefit from participation.

After school programs are a great way to introduce your child to some fun new activities. If the first choice isn’t a good fit, don’t be afraid to keep trying. The key is to find something your child will enjoy, so paying attention to them and their interests is the best way to choose.